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collab with me and send a story


If you have a story then we can be the voice for you. This is a free platform, so if you would like to be featured in this book please reach out to us via email at or Message me on Any of my Social Media platforms. You can request to add your story anonymously in the book or you can reveal your name, nickname or simply any type of name you would like to use. You may also include photos in your story as though this is all your choice. If you can tell me about a story that affected your life and how you overcame it that would be great. You can either write your story down on a word document by using Google Docs, or Microsoft Word on your phone and then screenshot it and send it to me via text @ 254.290.9991. You can also call me and we can talk about it or you can text it to me however, you would like to do it. It doesn’t have to be a neat story. If there are any errors, I will fix them. There is no rush for this story, take your time I don’t have a release date for the book yet. We ask that in your story please add a city, state, month & year of when your event occurred. If you do not know the month then just include a year. Anyone who participates in this collaboration will get their very own free copy when the book is published! Thank you in advance!

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I'm a writer of 7 published Books. I was Born and Raised in Dallas,TX. I like to express myself through pen and paper. I used to fantasize alot on how I hope my life would be sometimes, but you know what they say if you ever want to hear the "Lord Laugh" just tell him what you're going to do and he'll show you what’s on his agenda for YOU! So instead I just write about it. Come join me and live in my Fantasy world! I'm very outgoing, fun and energetic. I've always loved to write as a young girl and now I'm ready to share it! Anyone who takes the time out to read my short stories & books I want you to understand that this is real deal writing. I type for an audience to where they can understand my point of view in life. I'm not trying to educate you I want to ENTERTAIN you and maybe just MAYBE you might learn something!

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